XtraFinder for Mac

If you are finding it difficult to use various Finder options located in many different menus, you need a solution which lets you access all these options together at one place. This is what XtraFinder for Mac is developed to offer.

It is an effective program with the ability to combine Finder options to enable you to access them easier without any difficulty. This program is available for free that requires some sort of design support and is highly beneficial for users with the job where they have to move between Finder’s menus and programs continually. XtraFinder is developed with the aim to provide you an easy to access Finder options.

This program not only provides you easy access to your desired menus and programs in the Finder window, but also enables you to perform various other tasks.

Some key features of XtraFinder for Mac

  • This program is highly capable of providing you quick access to multiple functions available in menus and programs in Finder. These functions include a toolbar, attributes, contents, new file, show hidden items hide desktop and many others.
  • Even if you want to cut and paste any file or content, you can easily perform it in the program, thus gives you ordinary cut and paste experience.
  • It also makes a copy and move files task much easier by performing it one by one, regardless of the time you have pressed copy, cut or paste shortcuts on your keyboard and does not wait for the previous action to complete.
  • It makes it easier to find the folders as they are kept above the files.
  • The program adjust the width of columns automatically based on the length of the file name of all files
    The program has a well-organized appearance, enabling you to access its features and functions with great ease.

Apart from these features, XtraFinder for Mac has so many other things to offer, such as display folder items in list view, display item’s size in status bar, maximize the window when zooming, make a center-click to open any folder in new window or tab, hide dot files on desktop, and more.

If you want to use all these features, try this program today only.