Xcode for Mac

Xcode for Mac is one of highly effective developer tools which is used to create apps for Mac iPhone and iPad. It has an interface where coding, testing and debugging all functions can be performed within a single window.

When it comes to debugging with Xcode IDE, it analyses your project and identifies mistakes in both syntax and logic, whereas in some cases, the tool can even help you to fix the code. Xcode offers everything that a developer needs to develop amazing apps effectively without any hassle.

The Xcode IDE works jointly with Swift programming language which enables you to develop apps easily and have more fun with your projects than ever before.

Xcode for Mac comes with hundreds of powerful features which enable you to enjoy each step of your project.

Features of Xcode for Mac

  • It allows you to use safe, fast and modem Swift programming language, playgrounds, interface builder, debugging with the 3D stack, live issue display errors as well as effective source control navigator. All of them help you to create wonderful apps.
  • The tool enables you to use interface builder so that you can design the interface of your app without code. You can also customize the interface for different devices based on their screen size and orientation.
  • It has professional editor and debugger which work great in keeping your code front and center. Refactoring feature is highly useful in modifying the code structure of Swift, C, and C++.
  • The tool also allows you to give additional abilities to the source editor using the third-party app extensions.
  • It has test navigator that enables you to add, edit or run unit or user interface tests with great ease with just a single click.
  • The analyzer looks for logical errors in the code and prevents them to become bugs.
  • The tool has a feature that enables you to make custom instruments with exclusive visualizations so that you can analyze your code and frameworks.

If you are interested in developing Mac, iPhone or iPad apps, Xcode is the powerful tool which you must use to make your coding, testing and debugging of the project easier.