Waterfox for Mac

These days, we have the number of web browsers to meet the needs and tastes of all kinds of internet users. Some web browsers are faster, some come with an exclusive set of features, some ensures to give a high level of security, while some focus simplicity only.

In addition to this browsers world, Waterfox is another web browser which is based on 64-version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser. It offers the same features and functions like Mozilla Firefox while offering one of the fastest web browsers. What makes Waterfox for Mac stand out from other browsers is that it is compiled with various optimizations to enable this browser to be performed faster and more efficiently than Firefox.

This web browser is completely fresh and ethical browser, giving you the best options to choose when looking for the fastest browser for your Mac. This browser ensures to keep your personal information secure and never sell any kind of information to others. Whether we talk about privacy or tracking, you are the sole owner of your every information, Waterfox not even collect any information like other browsers.

What makes Waterfox for Mac stand out from other browsers?

  • Waterfox has quite faster start up and has less hang time. It means, it is capable of loading any webpage in a quick time and does not take your system’s memory.
  • The privacy browsing feature enables you to choose whether you want to or not to share your information. This feature has the ability to block tracking and ads from being collecting any kind of information without your permission. It also doesn’t sell any personal data like other companies. You are the only one in-charge of your information.
  • Waterfox is more effective than an ordinary browser. It ensures to keep your online privacy protected as well as also keep an eye on corporate powers. Using this browser means you have the freedom to browse independently.
  • It gives better performance and speed of browsing the internet.

If you are looking to install a faster web browser on your Mac, you must consider WaterFox for Mac to gain better and faster browsing experience than your existing browser.