VisualBoyAdvance for MAC

Most of reminisce about our childhood and miss those glorious and carefree days as we grow older. This is why most of us look for some way or the other to stay connected to our childhood selves. There are many people who indulge in arts and crafts or sports to keep their spirit alive. But for the first few generations that have grown up with video games as their hobby or a way to pass their time, often miss the games that they played when they were younger.

VisualBoyAdvance for MAC is a product of a company that understands this nostalgia very well. It is a tool that allows users to emulate the games they played on Game Boy portable gaming console. Here are some of its features that make it a good tool to use-


With the advent of social media and the craze of live streaming games, it is important for a player using this tool to be able to save and share special moments during the game. VisualBoyAdvance for MAC allows users to take a screenshot of the game without having to rely on any other tool.

Supports Gamepads

It is important for players who are more accustomed to using joysticks and buttons to be able to feel comfortable and play the way they want to. This is the reason why VisualBoyAdvance for MAc is the emulator that is the preferred choice of many gamers and enhances the experience of playing the game manifold.

Full Screen Support

It is important for players of arcade and adventure games to be able to see the whole screen clearly so as to avoid obstacles or other objects. With this feature, a gamer using VisualBoyadvance for MAC can enjoy playing the game on full screen without having to use a small window for their gaming experience.

Support Cheat Codes

A large part of the nostalgia for players must be looking for cheat codes and hacks and then passing small bits of paper detailing these discoveries to their friends. This emulator, VisualBoyAdvance for MAC allows players to use these codes and hacks.

With a wide array of features this game also gives the users a trip down memory lane. Enjoy playing all your favourite game with the help of VisualBoyAdvance. Download today!