VIPRE Advanced Security for Mac

VIPRE Advanced Security is an antivirus which protects your data and personal information from any kind of threat. It is considered as one of the great antivirus software for Mac OS X. It ensures to provide a high level of protection to your data against hackers, theft, and cybercrime. Thus, gives you a stress-free environment to work and enables you to access your system without any worry of being infected.

VIPRE Advanced Security for Mac is packed with numerous features that work effectively in giving you a system with cutting-edge defense from online threats. It is highly capable of safeguarding your private information against the most widespread threats of these days. Thus, it prevents any kind of attack to infect your system which can be somewhat avoided by the traditional antivirus for mac.

Moreover, it also gives protection against the attack through malicious links and email attachments. The firewall of the software is so powerful that it protects you from both incoming and outgoing internet traffic effectively and effortlessly. It is possible using the customizable settings of VIPRE Advanced Security.

 Useful features about VIPRE Advanced Security for Mac

Active Protection

Each activity is analyzed to find if there is any suspicious activity on your Mac and stops its working before enabling it to harm your system.


The default Quarantine feature enables you to review the potential threat.

Exclude non-threats

You can control the areas and apps on your Mac to determine which area and app you want to scan. This way you can exclude non-threats with great ease as well as can also ignore specific folders or apps.

Protection against various threats

It provides protection against viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and many more, and ensures to provide great peace of mind when you know that you have a powerful antivirus installed on your Mac.


It offers a full scan of the entire Mac storage, where Quick scan works great in checking the commonly used folders and Custom scan is helpful in choosing what you want to scan.

So, get it today to avail its benefits.