Twixtor for Mac

Twixtor is a useful plugin of Adobe After Effects that allows you to slow down or speed up the movement of your videos without any need of altering objects. It also enables you to alteration the frame rate of your desired video.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘Adobe After Effects’, it is a comprehensive video composition software providing a wide range of features and functionalities. They can be extended with the help of various plugins, where one such plugin is Twixtor.

If you have ever used Adobe After Effects, you must be familiar with the steps or process to apply wonderful visual effects and designs to the large projects. Being one of the effective video composition solutions, it is continually enhancing ita functionalities to give much better outcome to the users. The plugin Twixtor for Mac is highly compatible with various other similar programs.

In order to apply visual video effects using Twixtor, all you require creating the configuration for it. As compared to other similar plugins, Twixtor is not accurate and effective; this is why it is most preferred by people than others. The accuracy feature enables it to track objects placed at larger distances and when the existing frame has crossing objects, it is capable of showing fewer artifacts. As a result of more accurate outcome, this plugin ensures to perform less stretching or ripping of the objects which have been moved away.

When any graphics file is edited using Twixtor, you have to depend on the quality of these files to be conserved. All this is done without considering whether you are applying slow or fast motion effects to these graphics files.

Let’s go through the features and highlights of Twixtor for Mac

  • It ensures to process the interlaced material intelligently and effectively.
  • It gives 100% accuracy, enabling you to get graphics files without stretching or tearing of the objects.
  • With the help of Twixtor, the conversion of the frame rate is quite easier and efficient.
  • It provides you the option to automatically improve the dark images or the images with not well-defined edges
  • You can also add or delete blur motion as you want.

So, get Twixtor for Mac today and enhance your videos.