Tunnelblick for Mac

If you are finding it hard to maintain the stability with your VPN or do not feel like a straightforward solution, it means you need to look for some alternative to this issue. In this case, Tunnelblick is considered as the best open-source Graphical user interface for OpenVPN to be used on your Mac system. It is highly effective in providing easy control and managing solution of the connection over OpenVPN clients and server.

It is a straightforward app which contains all the required binaries and drivers, such as OpenVPN, tap drivers and many more. It is quite easier to install, which means you need not install any kind of additional file, all required is just an addition of your configuration and encryption information.

How Tunnelblick for Mac works?

One thing you must know that if you want to use Tunnelblick for Mac, you have to access the VPN server, which collectively acts as the two ends of the app, here, Mac OS X serves as the one end of the app while another end is VPN server.

When it comes to storing your username, passwords or even the certificate passphrase, with the help of Apple keychain feature of the app, there is no need to enter these details again and again. Thus, it not only saves your time but enables you to focus on your other tasks.

Let’s have a look at the main purposes of using VPNs.

  • It is used to connect your system to the internet in a secure way, even though it is connected through an unreliable network.
  • It is used to connect your system to the internet securely as if your system is located in another place.
  • It is also used to connect your system to the internal network of your company/organization.

Overall, we can say that Tunnelblick for Mac is a user-friendly and straightforward app, which makes it easier to control OpenVPN client and server connections, all using a simple and well-organized interface.