Trapcode Particular for Mac

Trapcode Particular is a free plugin for After Effects which enables you to use the essential tools, features and functionalities which are needed and helpful in generating and animating the particle systems to your compositions and to look professional.

The main aim of introducing this plugin for Mac is to give life to your motion graphics. More than this, you are also allowed to use 3D objects which serve as the best way to add beauty and complexity to your graphics. Trapcode Particular for Mac offers the number of amazing features to ease your task such as providing a facility to enjoy real-time interactive previews, gravity, 3D camera integration, and various other remarkable features.

Using this plugin means giving realistic natural effects to your graphics, where these effects include rain, storm, dust, smoke, bubbles and many more. Trapcode Particular is considered as the best choice which is highly powerful and effective in generating effects which are extremely creative and intuitive than you ever created before. It gives you an ultimate unique experience than any other similar program or plugin.

Features about Trapcode Particular for Mac


This feature enables you to create particle effects in a much easier way, along with allowing you to add adjustable blocks as well as styles for particles.

Dynamic Fluid physics engine

It allows you to create dynamic and whirling effects to your graphics by choosing the one from four customizable fluidic actions, thus making particles to look like they are moving in the real fluids.

3D camera

This plugin uses 3D camera and lights of After Effects to give you an opportunity to integrate your particle effects with your graphics and live shots.

Multiple systems

The plugin allows you to create stunning and complex effects using the multiple systems, where all of them are within one occurrence of Particular.

Text and Mask Emitters

Trapcode Particular enables you use to text and masks as the emitters, thus helps greatly in making your creation simple and speedily, without any need of precomping.

Trapcode Particular for Mac is a great plugin to design impressive and attractive video effects using particle systems. So, get to today for professional video projects.