Traktor for Mac

Do you want to create your own music and mix tracks so that you and all friends can have endless fun at the party or in liver performance? Traktor for Mac is one of the highly recommended solutions for your needs. If you need DJ software, none other than Traktor is preferred to be used on your Mac easily, whether you are a novice or an advanced user.

With the help of this software, you can easily mix and combine tracks on your DJ while giving live performances without any hassle.  It does not require any additional hardware or tool, it is quite easier to install and will be on your Mac OS within no time. When launching this software, you just require configuring some basic settings based on your preferences.

Some people usually do not even try to use any kind of DJ software because they think that such kind of things is quite complex to understand, you will never experience this when you use Traktor on your Mac. 

It is easy to use and intuitive interface packed with the features which can easily be accessible from its main window. If you are a professional, you will not take much time to learn how to use this software, while for beginners, it may take some time to learn about its features and behavior. But no need to worry at all, you will become master of using Traktor for Mac in very less time.

Features of Traktor for Mac

  • The software offers rich documentation makes your task of understanding and learning it with great ease.
  • It has beautiful graphics in the form of multi-color pads and colorful waveforms, thus ensures to give a friendly environment to the users along with exciting visual experience.
  • It has many things to offer, such as up to 4 playback decks, the maximum of 32 effects to help you in giving personal touch to your mixes, 4-channel mixer, and decks for live remixing.
  • The software enables you to enjoy a huge collection of original loops and sounds; these include drum, house, techno, bass and many more.
  • The loop recorder feature helps you to record live loops from one or more channels.

Try it today to meet your all DJs needs for live performance.