TouchControl Server for Mac

With the increase in automation and dependence on technology, a lot of tools and gadgets in the house and in offices are controlled with a remote control. There are several different things ranging from ACs to garage doors that are part of this list. It is important for any user to be able to connect to all the gadgets and devices without having to juggle through twenty different infrared remotes.

TouchControl Server for Mac is an actively developed application that allows users to convert any iOS device into a universal network. This allows the user to manage and monitor a dozen different activities through the same device. Here are some of its key features-

Remotely Monitor Mac Desktop

If there is a device that runs on iOS and has TouchControl Server for Mac installed in it, it can monitor your Mac desktop using this device. It is important for programmers and professionals to be able to check in on any process at any time. This allows them to function efficiently creating a way to monitor the screen without having to physically be present at the site.

Devices And Adapter

Not only does TouchControl Server for Mac allows users to control a large number of network-attached components such as TV receivers, it also allows the device that has this tool to create a built-in native support for IRTrans Ethernet, and WiFi along with Gc-100 adapters. This means that one can control the devices used to create a network through this tool and essentially connect any appliance and device through it.

Custom Remote Control

Not only does TouchControl Server for Mac allows you to monitor your Mac desktop, it also allows you to customise the remote control created on your device to set up some functions that allow you to control you mac as and when you please.

These features can convince anyone that TouchControl Server for Mac is a great application to have in your toolkit. So what are you waiting for? Download it today!