Toast 18 Titanium Review

Toast Titanium is software designed for Mac users. It serves the purpose of a CD and DVD burner. You can burn capture, edit, secure, convert and publish your videos, photos and music and other files to disc. This software has a very simple and easy to use UI like users can burn files and media by drag and drop controls. This software ensures to protect your data by a password. You can also capture your webcam videos and you can trim any video with the help of this software.


Capture and edit synced video

You can capture and edit videos using this software with MultiCam recording and editing tools. This feature helps you to capture videos and edit them at any given time and then you can burn them by using burner tool.

Record your screen

You can record your screen, webcam, and voiceover with a screen recording tool. You don’t need any other software to do so. This software has an inbuilt feature to record all the mentioned things.

Trim videos and enhance audios

You can trim videos and enhance the audios by using this software.

Stylize your pictures into artwork

This software helps you to convert your photos into artworks. With the new smart art tools, you can stylize your images into artwork.


This software is encrypted and password protected. So, this software ensures the security of your data.

User Interface

This software has a very simple and user-friendly user interface. You can burn files or media to the CD and DVD by just simply using drag and drop controls.

Converting files

Users can convert videos and audio files into their preferred format. They can also convert DVDs y digital files. Users can also Restore and convert LPs, tapes and older devices.

Pausing and resuming projects

Users can pause, resume and schedule conversion projects according to their preference.


Pricing of New Toast 18 Titanium is &99.99 only. So, it is a very affordable software with this much quality features.


Toast 18 Titanium is a software used to burn CDs and DVDs. If you are looking for software that will burn your files, edit them, trim them, convert them, and with other features, then you should go with Toast 18 Titanium software. Its price is just $99.99 which is a very affordable rate with these many features. This software is very secure and has a very simple user interface. So, if you are looking for this kind of software then you should go with Toast 18 Titanium.