The Unarchiver of Mac Review

The unarchiver app is an app designed for mac devices to unarchive the RAR files. The unarchiver is a free and very easy to use app that needs no time for installation. The unarchiver is way better than the default OS X app because the unarchiver app can work with many more formats and integrates better with Finder. Also, it can handle filenames in foreign character and supports many formats like Zip, Tar-BZIP2, 7-Zip, LhA, and many other formats. Unarchiver gives a wide range of formats supports so that users do not need to waste their time on converting from one format to other formats and that makes users work very easy.


Supports Foreign Language File Names

The unarchiver app supports every foreign language file names so that users who use different languages do not need to bother to change their filenames.

Supports Different Formats

The unarchive app supports files in different formats that make users work very easy. Users don’t need to change file formats to use unarchiver app. They can simply start processing without changing their file formats. Formats like 7-Zip, LhA, etc. are supported.


Unarchiver is a free app so any Mac users can work in it without paying anything.

User interface

The user interface of unarchiver app is very simple and easy to use. Any beginner who needs to use this app can easily use it.

Quick installation

Unarchiver app installs very quickly and users can start processing it as soon as it gets installed.

Available for 32-bit version only

There is only one limitation in this app is that it does not support 64-bit version mac devices. Users who have the 32-bit version can enjoy this app.


Unarchiver app is specially designed for mac users to unarchive the RAR Files. It has a lot of features and it supports many file formats. It also supports foreign language file name. Unarchiver app is free and it installs very quickly. It has a very simple and easy to use user interface so that any beginner can use it without any problem. This app is free to use. It is available for a 32-bit version only and does not supports 64 version systems.

So, if you are looking for a free RAR unarchiver with a simple user interface and with all these features then you should go with this Software.