TextWrangler for Mac

TextWrangler for Mac is one of the advanced text editor offering a range of features to create high performance text and code editing. It also helps in searching and transforming text and code.

If you are a programmer or a system administrator, this editor will give you the perfect tool to work effectively with text files. This advanced editor has several things to provide to its users so that their text and code editing activities will become easier and faster as compared to other text editors out there in the market.

TextWrangler has everything that a programmer needs to facilitate the structure of source code in various programming languages. If you are looking for an easy way to syntax coloring for languages such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, and others, you will find this advanced text editor quite useful and beneficial than other text editors.

It offers various functions, where one of the convenient functions is, find and replace. It enables you to edit data files which are stored in plain text with great ease. Even if you want to compare the differences in files, this text editor allows you to do so, as well as you can also merge files easily.

To provide ultimate benefits to the users, TextWrangler for Mac integrates with Xcode and works as an external editor, along with supporting Apple Script. Not only this, when using this text editor, you can have access to UNIX scripting environments directly using the Shebang menu. The files created using TextWrangler are saved in different file formats such as Mac, Unix, DOS, and Unicode.

Key Features of TextWrangler for Mac

  • The powerful tool to manage, compose, modify and transform plain text files.
  • It offers features and functions that not only be used by the Mac users at home, but provide effective manageable text support to professionals as well.
  • The simple and easy to use interface makes it easier for users to understand the access to the offered features in a well-mannered way. Just a few tools for writing and text style are enough to get the most out of this advanced text editor.
  • It allows you to edit any text using various useful tools and manage complex texts easily.
  • And many more.

So, get this powerful text editing tool for free.