Subler for Mac

Subler is an app designed for Mac OS X which is used to mux mp4 files. If you are a movie lover, this versatile app can help you a lot in adding subtitles to your favorite movies and video files. In addition to this, you are also allowed to convert and expert movies or video files in various formats.

The main purpose of introducing Subler for mac is to enable its users to manage their video files easily and effectively, along with allowing them to perform several other tasks such as adding, removing, and managing chapter and subtitle streams that are present in them. The main aim of this software is to give you easy access to your movie or video files as well as make them manageable in an easy way.

Moreover, the software helps its users in creating new MKV files and streams that ensure to provide compatibility with the reproduction of iOS devices from Mac to Apple TV and various other portable devices. What makes it easier to use app is its intuitive and user-friendly interface that can easily be accessed by users who have never used such kind of app ever before. It means if you are new to this, need not to worry at all as the app is quite easier to use and all its features will be on your fingertips.

Features in brief

  • It enables you to mux video, audio, chapter and subtitle tracks from mov, mp4 and mkv files.
  • It enables you to edit iTunes metadata.
  • It supports TMDB and TVDB.

Adding new streams in the app is easier to perform, where it includes a number of audio languages and various new subtitles. Removing existing streams or editing data by including more metadata, all these tasks can easily be done using this app.

Using Subler for Mac, you can easily and quickly mux mp4, mkv or mov files to the extensively used mp4 container, giving you the freedom to manage everything to obtain the new file you want.