Safari for Mac

Most of you might have heard or even used Safari many times. But for those who are new to this term, Safari is a web browser which is designed and developed by Apple and comes as a default browser with all Apple devices. You must also know that this browser is only available for Mac and iOS.

Safari for Mac is considered as one of the most popular and effective browsers for Mac users in terms of performance, quality, and speed. The top competitors of Safari are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which we use in Windows PC, Android and other devices.

Being Apple’s clean and easy to use browser, millions of Mac users around the world prefer to use Safari to browse anything over the web. It has simple and easy to interface and does not contain lots of annoying toolbars. You can easily navigate from one site to another, thus gives you a smooth and fast browsing experience. Just like other Apple products, Safari too offers great features.

Features of Safari for Mac

Added Browsing Space

No doubt, Safari is developed for Mac users focusing more on browsing, not the browser. It offers you more browsing space; all this is by providing a scroll bar only when you need it, no status bar, there is a progress indicator that will only be viewed when your page loads, tabs are provided at the top of the browser, etc. Using Safari means you are only enjoying the web, that’s all.

Secure Browser

Safari keeps an eye on you all browsing activities and pays more attention if there is any website attempting to track your digital footprint. It warns you when finds anything suspicious. You can also enjoy private browsing with this web browser.

Fast Browsing Speed

This browser is much faster than other browsers, all due to its simple interface which you can use without getting distracted by any part of the browser and also the loading time of web pages is also quite less. Also, it does not consume much of your RAM, thus overall helps in fast browsing.

If you have a Mac OS, Safari will sure be your best browsing companion and gives you an enjoyable experience.