RubyMine for Mac

RubyMine for Mac is a user-oriented and handy full-featured Ruby on Rails IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that combines a variety of necessary developer tools which are required for Ruby development as well as web development projects using Ruby on Rails. It also works effectively in improving and speeding up your workflow.

It comes with a powerful Ruby code editor which is well-versed of dynamic language-specific and highly capable of providing smart and effective coding assistance, code refactoring, ability to perform code analysis and others. You must know that now the coding has become much easier with the help of automatic syntax, lambda syntax, semantics and others, all are easily possible with RubyMine.

In addition to these features, RubyMine for Mac is also highly effective in styling Ruby code automatically, for which you must be thanked to brace matching and folding, customized formatting, as well as TODO marks.

Features of RubyMine for Mac

Code editor

The code editor of RubyMine helps you in making your code easier to read, you can select colors for the statements, comments, and other elements. RubyMine allows you to use numerous color schemes for your code.

Faster than others

RubyMine is capable of creating high-quality code faster and effortlessly due to its support for various programming languages, such as Ruby and Rails, JavaScript, CSS and many more.

Smart search

If you want a specific class, file or symbol in your code, it is much easier to find them with the help of smart search options. With just one click, you are navigated to your desired content quickly and easily.

Test and Debug

It also enables you to test and debug your code using a powerful debugger with GUI for various languages, such as Ruby, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript. It also works great in enabling you to use all information at your fingertips.

Workplace like at home

Using RubyMine makes you feel like working at home, this is due to its customizable color schemes, as well as allowing you to customize the settings you require for productive development.

Overall, RubyMine offers everything that a Ruby developer actually requires to work in a wonderful and efficient development environment.