PProws for Mac

Coding is an integral part of a lot of people’s lives. From space scientists to researchers, a lot of professionals rely on the task of coding to build their desired product or perform certain tasks. It is important for them to be able to keep track of their work and to understand or evaluate their progress from time to time. Not only this, keeping track of the number of lines used in a code indicates it’s efficiency, its complexity and it is a great way to understand the overview of the code written. 

PProws for Mac is a tool designed to keep track of the code and the number of lines used to write it. This can be used by the worker to keep tabs on their progress and can be used by companies to assess productivity and manage workloads. 

Features of PProws For Mac

Drag and Drop

PProws for Mac allows users to drag and drop the code into the interface to determine the number of lines that the code contains. If you are analysing an entire folder, the app also tells you how many code files are present in the folder and allows you to exclude certain types of files from the calculations. This gives you complete access and power to see the filters results that you would want to see making the tool a great one to work with. 

Great tool for Comparison

For developers, it is important to be able to perform with less instructions and code lines. This means that their code is more efficient and hence it is of higher quality and functionality. This is a simple method to keep track of the work that they’ve dien and compare their code to a fellow developer to know who has performed better or has a smaller and more efficient code.

With these features, it is very easy to see the importance of this tool in a developer’s or coders life, and hence this should be your first choice for managing your projects when it comes to coding.