Pocket for Mac

Pocket, being one of the best apps for Mac, is used by millions of people around the world. Basically, it enables you to save articles, videos, webpages and more so that you can use or access them later whenever you want.

When you store any content in the pocket, it goes to one place, from where you can view all these contents anytime on your Mac. When these contents are in Pocket, you can read articles offline, giving you the facility to access such contents when you are on the way where you cannot find any mobile data or Wi-Fi, like subway commutes, flights or anywhere.

It is quite easier to use, you just save anything you find online interesting to you, such as articles, videos, recipes, etc. You can also save any content from your favorite apps.

What Pocket for Mac offers you?

  • It enables you to enjoy your desired contents offline at a convenient time. All you need to do is to save those contents on Pocket software and have their access whenever you feel so.
  • The software provides simple and easy to use interface, so all your saved contents are organized in a quite simple layout, enabling you to find and view them with great ease. Thus, works great in improving the viewing experience of any content.
  • No matter what type of content you have saved in Pocket, it can be accessed offline without any hassle. You just require setting up Pocket to any content you want to download when connected to Wi-Fi, it also helps in reducing data usage.
  • Whether you want to save contents while browsing over the internet or when going through your favorite apps, Pocket for Mac allows you to save all contents wherever you find them. Moreover, you can also send the contents you like the most to your friend’s Pocket, and also can share them to other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, etc.
  • There is no limit to the content you want to save, you can save as many contents as you want. It also highlights the best and most relevant contents in the list.

In order to enjoy more advanced features, you can upgrade the basic version of Pocket to premium version anytime.

Impressed with Pocket for Mac? Try it today only.