Plex Media Player for Mac

Plex Media Player is an app that supports numerous audio and video formats and is used for Home Theatre which is connected to the large screen of your TV. Many of you might be facing an issue with the quality of the videos, music, and photos on your TV, with the help of this app you will be amazed at the great improvement.

When you have Plex Media Player for Mac on your Home Theatre (HTPC), nothing can be compared with the awesome playback experience on a variety of configurations as per your needs and choice. For Mac, this app is considered as a wonderful way to play audio and video files in your HTPC effortlessly. The app has an easy to use and intuitive interface giving you easy access to its features and functions to enjoy the theatre-like viewing experience. It means, now you need to go to the theatre when you have a wonderful media player at home.

What does Plex Media Player offer to its users?

  • It supports a variety of audio and video formats.
  • It enables you to stream your music and videos to all your devices, anytime and anywhere, thus ensuring to provide a similar experience on all devices.
  • With the help of this app, you can organize all your media in the way you want.
  • The app offers high privacy and security by providing the securely encrypted connection, thus you can enjoy your media when out of your home without any worry.
  • It also provides you the facility to share libraries with your friends.
  • With this app, you can easily obtain online content from multiple sources, such as TED Talks, Soundcloud.
  • You get the freedom to save your desired online videos so that you can enjoy them later at your convenient time.

It offers more advanced features when you purchase its premium version.

Plex Media Player for Mac is a great way to bring you closer to the media you want to enjoy than ever before. It is one of the ultimate media players which you must try once.