PhotoMill for Mac

As the popularity of social media sites has increased, several people rely on photographs to communicate with their friends and acquaintances. It has become important to a lot of people to be able to share and save images of different formats. They need to be able to edit photos and convert the file format of the pictures they wish to use to make the best out of them. 

PhotoMill for Mac is a tool that allows you to batch convert photos and allows you to edit photos, create watermark and fit geometry inside the photograph. Many features make this tool stand out from its competitors.

Features of PhotoMill

Image Formats

The tool supports conversion of many different file formats, making it a very versatile tool to work with. It is a reliable tool and does not require the user to switch between different platforms to convert certain files. It supports the conversion of BMP, GIF, HEIC, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG and TIFF. You can control the settings for each of the file formats with this tool. 

Information Panel

PhotoMill for Mac is a tool whose interface has a small information panel that allows users to view important details about the photograph that they are working with, such as the previews, histograms and image metadata. This helps users who are looking to process the image for a specific effect or result. 

Resizing Tools

You can perform various geometry actions with PhotoMill for Mac, to ensure that the photograph is processed the way that you want. You can crop the image, scale, trim, rotate and other such actions that allow you to change the resolution of the image. This allows the user to perform many different actions on the data apart from changing the file format of the picture.

With these features, it is easy to realise that this tool is the best option when it comes to converting photographs to different file formats. Go ahead and download this today to enjoy all the features that this tool offers.