Netspot for Mac

If you are not satisfied with your existing wireless network or you are looking for something with easy to use features, you can consider Netspot for Mac for getting better wireless network than various other options

Netspot is a free wireless analysing app that works great in improving your wireless network on your Mac by performing Wi-Fi analysis, survey of the wireless site and troubleshooting your system. It is quite easier to download and access. With just a few clicks, you will be able to load your plan and the survey of wireless network site starts immediately. You just have to point to the position you are on the map and this tool will immediately start measuring the wireless signals. It then moves around the entire location and gathers Wi-Fi data.

This collected data is then help greatly in identifying noise sources, in detecting active access points, in understanding the usage of the map channel and many others.

Some key features of Netspot for Mac

These key features will help you to understand what Netspot offers to its users and why it has become one of the preferred wireless survey tools for people using Mac.

Wi-Fi planning

When looking for a wireless survey tool for Wi-Fi planning, Netspot comes in the list of most recommended tools. It offers many things to do, such as loading a map, collecting the data of wireless site survey as well as constructing a heatmap of the network. Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can also discover empty channels without wireless networks.

Visual Wi-Fi map

The visual Wi-Fi map of Netspot for Mac enables you to have a vision of all inactive areas without taking any help of Wi-Fi coverage. It also works effectively in optimizing the location of hotspot. You can also adjust the channel loads so that you can decide how to these channel loads in much better ways.


The troubleshooting visualizations enable you to detect the issues related to connectivity and wireless interference. It also helps you to discover the noise sources and works effectively in resolving Wi-Fi configuration issues.

No matter why you want to configure your wireless network, Netspot for Mac helps you to get the required information quickly and perfectly.