Narrator for Mac

Books are important in many aspects. They provide the reader with a story, patience, excitement and allow them to nurture their imagination. Books have always been a great mode of entertainment or education. With the increase in the use of technology, books have gone from hardbound books to being captured in a small mobile device. Several readers are available to people that would allow them to read content from their screen.

Narrator for MAC is a great text to speech converter that reads the text on your computer and helps you prepare for the school play or hear the lines from different characters in different voices. Here are some of the features of this application that make it stand out among other text to speech converters-

Numerous Controls

There are various controls that Narrator for MAC offers its users. You can control the rate, pitch, inflexion, and volume to give the voices a wide range of expressiveness. This helps you experience the content with the maximum intensity and make sure you make the most of your ebook reader. Gone are those days where your ebook reader sounded monotonous and mechanical.

Assigning Voices

If the user is reading a drama or a stage rendition of a good book, they can simply select the voice that they would want to read out the different parts. Victoria’s voice can be assigned to the female characters, while you can assign another voice to play the male character. This way one can also rehearse and hold readings of plays. This makes it a great tool to use that transcends all other text to speech applications.


Narrator for MAC also allows the users to dictate their work to the application. This means you can write a letter or an article simply by dictating it out to your device. You can add punctuation to the writeup and hence command the application to take pauses and emphasis on certain words.

With these features, it is only obvious that Narrator for MAC is the best choice as far as it comes to using a text to speech application. So what are you waiting for? download today!