Murus Lite for Mac

Murus Lite for Mac is a simple, efficient and easy to use front end for PF (Packet Filter), enabling you to create complex PF network firewall configuration, without any use of Terminal app. You can consider Murus Lite to enjoy full controls over PF network.

Moreover, Murus provides you a facility to view everything over the PF firewall and is available with various other features, such as built-in support to filter and log in through several firewall rule presets. The app is quite easier to understand and use, this can easily be proved when you start and access the app.

When you see the main window, it consists of two parts, on the left side there is ‘Service Library’ panel and on the right side there is ‘Managed Outbound Services’ panel. It provides you the best and convenient way to configure complex networks with an easy to follow and intuitive actions.

Murus Lite provides you a freedom to choose what components you want to transmit or receive data between the components and the internet. No worries, if you are a novice, this app is quite helpful for both novice and advanced users, it means even if you do not know much about it, you can use it effectively, all due to its simple and easy to understand design.

It is highly capable of unchecking the complete ability of one of the strongest firewalls. The user interface is quite attractive and contains large and colorful icons. If you want, you can enlarge the view of each icon, which will able you to see the blocked and allowed groups of the inbound services.

You can block or allow groups, for this, you just need to click and drag the selected groups to the suitable columns. Once you are completely satisfied with it, simply start the firewall by making just one click.

Features of Murus Lite for Mac

  • Small and convenient front-end for the firewall of the PF (Packet Filter) network
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Inbound filtering
  • Presets and ports management
  • Expanded Private Firewall Configuration
  • Remote safety switch
  • And many more..

Overall, we can say that Murus Lite for Mac provides you the freedom to make a decision when it is about the services for sending and receiving data over the internet.