Mozy Home for Mac

Have you ever faced a situation in which you have lost your data on your Mac and you have no backup as well? If yes, it means that it becomes a necessity to use Mozy Home for Mac to avoid such situation in the future.

Mozy Home is one of the most effective free backup software for Mac which enables you to have a backup of all your important data on your Mac so that if any tragedy occurs, you can recover your data easily. When you have this software on your Mac, you need not worry at all regarding the external hardware or time-consuming manual backups. This software is highly capable of doing everything for you to save your data from losing forever.

The copy of all the important files is stored safely in the offsite data centers of Mozy Home. These files are encrypted and stored in a location which is accessible by you only, thus allowing you to access your important data from anywhere and at any time.

How Mozy Home for Mac is useful for you?

Online backup
This software is simple and easy to use, as well as is highly customizable and allows you to schedule it to run at your preferred time in a day. It is taken as the most trusted and secure online backup software.

File synchronization
This feature is highly effective when it comes to online backup, thus provides you the best way to keep your data updated across all the systems they regularly use.

Access data anywhere
It works more than just online backup or synchronization of data. It allows you to access your data even when you are not at your workplace. It enables you to access, preview and share files on different devices.

Mozy Home for Mac is considered as the best, secure and free online backup software which can be used as long as you want to use it.

You just have to sign up for this free software and start backing up and synchronize your data for free. So, you must try this software and keep your data safe from any disaster.