MixPad for Mac

MixPad for Mac is a wonderful app for all those people who always look for the right solution to mix their audio tracks. It is one of the most preferred apps for music lovers, with the help of which they can mix the audio tracks of different formats to record one wonderful audio.

The app supports various kinds of music formats such as WAV, MP3, VOX, and multiple other audio formats. This multi-track recording and mixing app enables its users to access the control of all specialized recording and mixing equipment with great ease through one platform. It is something that must be considered to make mixing a breeze.

This app comes with various exclusive features that give users an experience to use MixPad like a real studio. Some of these features include Retina display, Audacity project files, M4A, and others. It gives you much better user experience, all due to its upgraded functionalities for exporting, track controlling, sorting and even the play buttons. The bookmark feature allows you to save your favorite mixes along with the ability to compress files to decrease the size.

MixPad for Mac has easy to use and easy to understand interface packed with numerous remarkable features such as ripping and editing audio clips, pitch changing, adding multiple effects like beats and reverb and many more to add in the list.

Features of MixPad for Mac

Let’s move further and get to know more about its offered features which you can take benefits of.

  • It helps you in mixing the endless collection of music, choral and audio tracks.
  • It is highly capable of recording the number of tracks at the same time.
  • It supports a variety of audio file formats, which is more as compared to other mixers.
  • It allows you to add a wide range of audio effects such as compression, reverb, and others.
  • It has sound effect and music library containing hundreds of clips which you can use in your productions.
  • It also supports VST plugin which enables you to add studio effects and various kinds of instruments.
  • You can save your production in any file type, including WAV files, high compression formats, etc.

MixPad for Mac is a free and very effective app which every music recorder and mixer seekers deserve to try it once.