Microsoft Messenger for Mac

Like Windows Messenger is available for Windows users as the easiest way to get in touch with your friends and family, Similarly, Microsoft Messenger for Mac is available for Mac users to interact with other people in this OS X friendly environment of this popular and powerful chat protocol.

As per the latest report, it has been found that more than 330 million people from around the world are actively using this instant messenger every month and these numbers are expected to increase in the coming months. Whether you have an old PC based computer or modern Intel Mac, you must know that the Mac version of this messenger supports both of them. This gives you an effective and easiest way to communicate with your family, friends, colleagues and business partners without any hassle.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac not only provides you a facility do text chat with your contacts but also allows you to send files or documents to them. You can also do video and voice calls, thus making it a powerful instant communication option to be used on your Mac.

Amazing features of Microsoft Messenger for Mac

Voice and video calls

Along with voice calls; it also enables you to make video calls with the help of your Windows Live ID. You can easily interact with your contacts and can enjoy both audio and video calls. Thus, it provides the best solution to participate in face-to-face meetings or conferences, no matter where all participants are located.

Share files and photos

It also allows you to send, view and even add comments on photos and files with one or multiple contacts at the same time, in real-time.

Integration with Office apps

It can also be integrated with Office apps, such as Outlook, MS-Word, PowerPoint, and others, thus gives you wonderful working experience

Overall, we can say that if you are looking for an effective way to communicate instantly with other people for free on Mac OS X, whether personal or professional use, you must go for Microsoft Messenger without any second thought.

Install it today on your Mac and enjoy interacting with your loved ones and co-workers.