Memory Clean for Mac

Memory Cleaner is software made for MacBook and iMac to clean up the RAM and also used to optimize it. It has a very simple user-friendly interface and by just a single click, users will be able to clean up their RAM very easily.

Automatic modes are also available if users are not willing to monitor the usage of the app by the CPU. The software gives you information like RAM usage by apps, by the system, by processes running in the background, etc.


Automatic Modes

If users don’t want to monitor the on-going process by the app then they can use Automatic modes where they don’t need to monitor and thus the software will do its work without the need of the user.

Frequency Setting

You can select the frequency of the memory clean-up by your preference. The software cleans up the memory according to your frequency setting.

Launch memory cleaner software at Mac Start-up

You can set this setting and when you will start your device, the memory clean-up will automatically start its process and thus you don’t need to start the software manually.

Clean up memory after quitting large app

This feature automatically starts the process of cleaning up the memory after you quit any large app on your device.

Provides Information

This software provides information like Amount of available free memory on your Mac device, a number of removable files, data and size of the latest RAM Clean up, RAM used by the apps, by the system, etc. This feature helps users to get every information about their RAM usage and memory clean up.

Free Up Memory By One Single Click

The user interface of this software is very simple and easy to use and users can start the process of cleaning up the RAM by a single click.


Clean Up memory software is designed for Mac devices like iMac and MacBook to clean up the RAM. This software has a very simple and easy to use interface and users can start the clean-up process by just a single click. This software provides lots of features like frequency setting, automatic modes, provides information related to the memory usage and memory clean-up process, etc. So, if you are looking for software that will clean the memory of your Mac devices with these many features then this software is the one you should go with.