MagicaVoxel for Mac

MagicaVoxel for Mac is a free, powerful and easy to use 8-bit voxel editor which allows you to add, delete or paint voxels so that you can draw them directly onto the model to give it the shape and color you want. After doing this, you can enter into the render mode which helps you to give life to your model.

This voxel editor is packed with various features including a rendering engine, extensive export capabilities and a wonderful combination of tools that helps you in creating and editing a wide range of 3D, 8-bit models. This editor is quite easy to use, all because of its simple and intuitive interface that can easily be accessed and managed by inexperienced users as well.

When you have a comprehensive set of powerful tools to work with, no one can stop you from creating impressive, interactive and effective 8-bit models using MagicaVoxel.

It also allows you to expand or collapse the editing panel, thus gives you the freedom to increase the space of the drawing window or access to numerous additional tools. There are many other things that make it somewhat different from others.

To enhance your drawing, you can use multiple types of brushes with the help of which you can draw the number of shapes you want to create an impressive model. Not only this, MagicaVoxel for Mac also allows you to attach, delete, move or paint voxels with great ease. Additionally, you can make an attractive drawing by adding existing patterns and basic objects to it.

No matter, if you are using this voxel editor for the first time, the intuitive and easy to use interface will help you to use it perfectly using the easy navigation. Even the users of all levels of expertise also prefer MagicaVoxel for their projects.

Some Key Features Are

  • Impressive creation and editing of 3D, 8-bit models
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Rendering engine
  • Wide export capabilities
  • Multiple types of brushes
  • Adding existing patterns and shapes
  • Available for free

No worries if you do not have any experience of using 3D modeling app, you will love working with this editor.