MacUpdater for Mac

MacUpdater for Mac helps you in keeping all apps on your Mac up-to-date effortlessly. it is designed and developed to get you relief from updating apps on Mac manually, as it can track the updates of all apps on your Mac automatically

You just need to install this app on your Mac and everything will be done perfectly without any effort. Simply, open the app and check for the apps which are out-of-date, and with just a single click, the outdated app will get updated. It is considered as the best way to update your apps on Mac, and saves you a lot of time when you perform a search for the updates, download, install, and clean-up of an app manually.

Everything Is Taken Care by MacUpdater

The app is very easy to use and with just one click the updated apps will be on your Mac easily and conveniently. You must also know that the database of MacUpdater for Mac contains the updated versions of over 30,000 apps.

The scanning for the apps is done in the background and when it founds any out-dated app on your Mac, you will get a notification, where you just have to click one button to install the latest version of the app directly onto your Mac.


  • It scans for the updates automatically.
  • It filters the most appropriate latest version and ignores other options containing apps and updated which you are not interested in.
  • It has more than 30,000 updated versions of apps in its database.
  • You do not need to register to use this app, simply launch it and it will start scanning and update your all apps on your Mac.
  • There is no need of subscription, it is available for free to update the first 10 apps and after that, with one-time purchase you can update as many apps as you want and that too at a very affordable price
  • It is quite simple and easier to use.

Just try it and you will find it quite effective when it comes to keep your Mac apps up-to-date without putting any effort.