Maccy for Mac

Computers have made our lives so much easier. From saving important documents to creating write-ups for work, we can do almost any task with the help of technology. The copy paste options provide a simpler way to do otherwise tedious as well as mechanical tasks. It becomes much more easier to make copies of a certain part of the document or to quote a research paper in your thesis. Hence the clipboard is one of the most basic yet extremely important tools on the computer. 

Maccy for Mac is a clipboard manager designed especially for Mac systems. It keeps track of your clipboard and the history of what you copied and and lets you navigate and search through the things that were previously stored on your clipboard.

Features of Maccy For Mac

Secure and Private

Maccy for Mac does not allow information from clipboard to be accessed by a third party and keeps your information safe and hence maintains your privacy. This makes the tool a reliable application apart from being an efficient one as well. 

Lightweight in Nature

Not only does Maccy for Mac is a lightweight tool which means that not only does it occupy low amount of space in the disk, it also takes up few resources during run time and allows the computer to allot resources to other tasks, helping the system to maintain its speed and all its other functionalities. It also does not have high requirements and can be used on systems with low specs, making it very versatile. 


Once you log into Maccy for Mac interface, it is very easy to access all the functionalities that the tool has to offer. You can use the shortcut command + shift + c in the menu bar to be able to search through your clipboard. Hence, it allows ease of access without having to go through the interface or a tedious procedure. 

With these features, it is obvious that Maccy for Mac is a great tool to manage your clipboard and to make sure that you can track all the information that you have stored in your clipboard at some point in time.