MacCleanse for Mac

If you are looking for a great software which can look up for all junk and trash files on your Mac OS, then MacCleanse is a great choice for the work. The software not only looks for unnecessary files such as Logs, Cache and Plugins stored on your PC which eat extra space on your device but also enhances the performance of the device and can provide better throughput to the users.

The Perfect Choice – MacCleanse Features

Organizes Black Lists and White Lists

The application organizes all installed applications between 2 lists. The Blacklist consists of applications which haven’t been used for a long time. Whereas, the Whitelist contains the currently used applications.

Erases Multiple Data Stored

The application can be useful in saving a lot of space by removing multiple files (such as Images, Videos, Software or other compressed files) of the same size on the host PC.

Manage Extensions

The application can easily deal with a number of extensions by removing or disabling System Plugins, Web Browser plugins, Screensavers and many more. It can save up more resources of the PC and can load the PC much faster by disabling unnecessary resource eating extensions.

Cleans Web & Application Histories

The MacCleanse can easily clean Web history and cookies of the browser and the application installed on the PC. This can clear more space if your PC is running out of it.

Plans Regular Scans

Using this application, users can also schedule a scan at regular intervals. Scheduling a scan also confirms the cleaning of unnecessary files made up at defined intervals and can result in freeing up of device space if you are running out of it.