Mac App Store

Mac App Store contains thousands of apps and provides one simple way to find and download your desired app on Mac OS. Through this, it has become quite easier and convenient for millions of users around the world to get their favorite apps on their Mac device.

As it is completely redesigned, thus giving a much richer and user-friendly interface to the users so that they can find the number of apps that can help them in creating, working, playing, designing and developing much easier than ever before.

Now, the apps from the Mac App Store on your system are just a matter of a few minutes. It also helps you to browse, download, install and update Mac apps much easier. Moreover, it removes the burden of file hosting from developers and provides great coverage to developers for their apps, obviously giving both developers and Apple an opportunity to make money for what they have created.

What Mac App Store Offers?

With Mac App Store, now there is no need of boxes, discs and no more time-consuming installation of the apps. With the help of it, you can easily find and download Mac apps and widgets and extensions as well. Like if you are looking for editing extensions for your new Photos app, you can easily get it from this App Store on your Mac OS X.

The browsing for Mac apps is quite easier with the help of categories, such as games, music, movies, productivity, and others. If you are looking for a game app, simply visit its games section and browse for your desired game. You can also choose to do a quick search for a particular app.

Once you find the specific app, you can read its descriptions and can view screenshots, and can also read the customer reviews to get more about the app. If you like the app, simply click it to download.

It also keeps your apps up to date by keeping track of all apps and will notify you when an update is available including Mac OS X updates. This way, you will always have the latest version of all the apps you own.

Mac App Store has apps for everything, from personal to professional use.