Little Snitch for Mac

Though there are fewer malware threats to Mac OS, it is a good practice to give data protection to your system. With Little Snitch, you can prevent sending your personal information out.

Little Snitch is a free, effective firewall software which is used exclusively on the Mac platform. It works effectively in controlling your private outbound data and also helps you in keeping in mind the outbound network connection in real-time. The software is very easy to use and is considered as one of the important software which much be used by all Mac users.

If you are the one who installs cracked mac apps on your Mac OS X, you must use this software for better performance and protection. Little Snitch for Mac is lightweight, but you are advised to check the compatibility of your Mac OS with the software version you are going to install on your system.

Key features of Little Snitch for Mac

Control Your Network

A great solution for Mac to keep it safe from unwanted access from the internet as well as gives you control over your privacy. When you have Little Snitch on your Mac, you have full control on whether to allow or reject the network connections, thus enabling you to protect your system from unauthorized entry. The software provides you a facility to define a rule for controlling future connection attempts.

Mute Protection

Little Snitch does not work by announcing what currently it is doing on your Mac. The app runs mutely in the background, giving you a safe and stress-free environment to use your system. It is also capable of detecting network-related activities of malware and threats that may hinder your privacy.

Track Background Activities

The app works silently in the background without affecting your work on your Mac. When your system connects to the internet, the app sends the information wherever it needs to. The app analyses each activity and provides you permission to decide what to do with this data.

If you are looking for privacy software for your Mac, you can think of using Little Snitch for Mac, but if you want to give full security to your system, it is better to look for something else.