LimeChat for Mac

LimeChat is a free and powerful IRC client which is designed and developed to use on Mac OS X. Even if you are a novice having a little knowledge about the working of online chat networks or a seasoned user looking for an app with the help of which you can make easier, stable and versatile online communication, LimeChat for Mac is the best solution for you.

Basically, it was created by a single developer Satoshi Nakagawa in the year 2007, but later this app was run officially on RubyCocoa programming language and in 2010, the app was changed to Objective-C language. It has a wonderful user-friendly interface, enabling all users to install this lightweight app on Mac with great ease. Moreover, the full control of the IRC chat is something that makes this app much preferred by the people across the world.

Features of Limechat For Mac

LimeChat is somewhat different from others and what makes it different from its similar apps is its simplicity. It has a very simple look and brings more focus on offering a functional breakdown of both server and room status. Though it is a simple app, its eye-catching design provides everything to please its users in all possible ways. 

It consists of one window only which is divided into the number of sections covering everything what a user actually needs. This makes it quite easier for novices to access its features and functions without any hassle. 

When it comes to its visual style, it may disappoint some of its users who always look for a solution which is easier to access. It is so because most of the services and functions of LimeChat are activated only through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Of course, it is easier for professional users who are capable of solving most of their problems without using their mouse. But, the novice may find it a little difficult to learn and use it.

Though the app has no on-screen tools to manage existing IRC chat sessions, it offers a screen with the number of tweaks which enables users to adjust the chat sessions as per their needs and preferences.

It offers a variety of configuration options covering several things such as text highlighting, themes, events, and numerous other advanced tools.