LastPass for Mac

LastPass is a simple and effective password manager that allows you to save your passwords at a secured location and enables you to access your passwords from PC, Mac or any mobile device.

If you have a Mac OS, you can avail the benefits of this password manager by installing it on your Mac system. It gives you great relief from remembering tons of passwords for your emails, bank accounts, website logins, and others. Now, when you are using LastPass for Mac, you need to remember only one password, which would be the master password for LastPass app.

It works by allowing you to save all your usernames and passwords to this app and will login to the websites automatically by synchronizing your passwords with the websites you want to log in.

You do not require any reason to ease your digital life when you have this amazing password managing app with you. Using your LastPass vault, you can keep several passwords and logins secured and can create online shopping profiles safely. Moreover, it also helps you in generating strong passwords, thus gives you a password which would be really tough to crack.

With LastPass for Mac, you have to do nothing except remembering your master password and everything will be done automatically by LastPass.

Features of LastPass App

  • It saves everything, from usernames and passwords to all data you want to keep secure. It also helps you in saving attached docs, PDFs, videos, music, audio and many more. It allows you to add, modify, delete and to view passwords.
  • This app can be accessed anywhere, you just require installing the browser extension of LastPass on all your devices and can login with the master password on any device you want. If you save a password or anything on one device, it will instantly be accessed on all other devices.
  • With the help of LastPass app, you can replace your weak passwords with the strong ones and keep your LastPass account protected with multi-factor authentication.
  • It never lets you forget even a single password and autofill the login details in the websites you want to enter.

When it comes to passwords, it does everything for you. You just need to remember the master password to access your vault.