KeepVid Music for Mac

Music is an integral part of the day to day lives of a common man. From waking up to a melodious tune when your alarm rings to playing songs on the way home from work, it is important to carry your music everywhere you go. This is why it is important to have a good media player in your toolkit.

KeepVid Music for MAC is a great media player that allows users to access different kinds of media files that have different file formats. There are many features that make this tool stand out from the rest of the media players that are available to are some of them-

Integrated with YouTube

KeepVid Music for MAC is a great media player that shows the top results from YouTube to the users so that they never miss out on their favourite music. This is a great way to provide the users with a vast library and makes sure that they can rely on the tool to play the songs that they wish to hear despite not having them downloaded or stored on the device.

Organises your Music

KeepVid Music for MAC is capable of keeping track of music that is present locally and can help identify and organise your songs. The tool is capable of organising your songs into playlists according to the genre, artist and album. This makes your music more organised and helps the user find the songs they are looking for much more quickly.

File Formats

KeepVid Music for MAC supports many different kinds of file formats. It can support and play MP3 files, AAC files, FLAC files and other such popular file formats. This makes it easier for the user, who would otherwise have to switch between different applications or media players to be able to play all these files. This makes the tool reliable and versatile.

With these features it is easy to see that KeepVid Music for MAC is a great media player that can fulfill all your requirements and make sure that you enjoy your music thoroughly. Go ahead and download today to enjoy all its perks!