Hydrogen for MAC

It is important for every artist to be able to produce art on the go and implement their ideas whenever they have one. In most cases it is a tedious job for artists to carry their equipment around and be able to make the most of their time. A drum set is a large instrument and it is highly unlikely for a player to be able to carry the equipment required to practice and produce music whenever they see fit.

Hydrogen for MAC fixes this issue. It allows the users to access a drum kit through the screen of their MAC computer system. The goal is to mimic a simple drum machine of a professional quality. There are several features that make this application a worthwhile download, some of them are listed below:

No Plugins

Hydrogen for MAC allows users to access the tool that they require without the help of any external plugins. This makes it a portable software that can be used on any system without having to bother with the requirements of the tool. This makes it a very hassle free tool that makes the task of the user much easier compared to other similar tools.

Access Using Different Hardware Extensions

Hydrogen for MAC is a tool that is designed in such a way that it allows the access of the interface using the MAC keyboard, any external midi controller and can even be linked to a sequencing software that allows the users to feel at ease with the application.

Open Forum

It allows users to connect to people with the same interests. Hydrogen for MAC has an online forum which allows dedicated and talented artists to communicate with like minded people, get feedback and polish their work. It is the dream tool for upcoming artists.

Responsive Graphics

Not only is the tool appealing to the ears with its high quality output it also allows the users to visualise the work that they do with responsive and quick graphics that are based on the interface.

With these amazing features one can be convinced that they are choosing the right tool for their purpose. Go download today!