Hotspot Shield for Mac

Hotspot Shield for Mac is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that provides a high level of anonymity and privacy while browsing over the web. It is packed with advanced features and functions that prevent trackers and hackers to track your online activities and personal information, such as email, credit card details, messages and everything you send over a wireless network.

It works by keeping you anonymous and safeguard your privacy. Due to its effectiveness and security, Hotspot shield is becoming more popular among the people and is consistently scoring high as compared to its competitors. The features such as the highest malicious URL detection rates, streaming speeds, removal of user-based IP addresses automatically, the use of multiple server connections at the same time and others, make it somewhat different from others.

It has many reasons to be appreciated by IT professionals and become their best option for VPN.

Features of Hotspot Shield for Mac

Unblock Websites

This VPN app enables you to unblock various websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. All it is done by avoiding filters and firewalls fixed by the network administrator, you can enjoy accessing your favorite content in no time.

Browse The Internet Anonymously

If you are concerned about your privacy and security, you have the option to browse the internet anonymously. With the help of this VPN app, it is easier to do so, without being tracked or pried while shopping online or making any transactions.

Hide IP Addresses

We all know that the internet is packed with spammers, trackers, hackers and all, who keep their eyes on your online activities silently. So, the chances of stealing your private data increase to a great extent. But, when you are using Hotspot shield, it hides your IP addresses and does not let others know what you are doing.

High Level of Privacy and Security

When you browse the internet, this VPN app for Mac helps in keeping your all kind of data secured and encrypted. It also keeps your personal data hidden from web detectives.

Warn and Block Malware Site

When you visit any website containing malware, this VPN will warn you and will block that website. It is highly capable of detecting and blocking millions of such sites and protects your system.