Google Earth for Mac

Gone are those days where you had to stop by the freeway every 10 minutes to make sure you were going in the right direction and did not miss your exit. With the advent of satellite technology, it has become easier to navigate your way without a map and rely on GPS services to find your way to your destination.

Google Earth is one of the most trusted names in this business and to provide each user with a way to navigate their path to their destination while commuting. It saves users a lot of time and effort by making sure that they can find the shortest and quickest route to their destination.

Here are some features that make this tool an exceptional one to possess and use-

3D Imaging

It is possible to travel the world and see the famous landmarks that you have only seen in movies or read in books. Google Earth for MAC allows users to view any part of the world in real-time with live movements and traffic. This makes the experience realistic and unparalleled. This is what makes this application a great tool to use instead of GPS.

Creating Maps

It is possible to use Google Earth for MAC to create a map that suits your requirement. This tool not only allows you to store data that it collects in the form of GIS data, but it also allows users to go back and use historic imagery to create the map that they wish to follow or execute. This makes the tool a reliable tool and gives it a personalised touch.


Not only does Google Earth for MAC allow people to view and explore different parts of the world and observe the world with great convenience, but it also allows the users to roll the disk to a new place and take a guided tour of the place with an inbuilt feature called the voyager. This makes the tool an exceptional tool and makes it a great choice for people who love to explore and understand different places and cultures.

With these features, one should be easily convinced that Google Earth for MAC is a great tool to have and cannot be compared to all the other GPS applications in the market. Go ahead and download today to enjoy all the perks!