Gemini for Mac

Data has become one of the most valuable resources in recent times. Since the advent of technology, our dependence on computers has kept increasing by manifold, and people have switched from storing piles of papers to saving documents and files in the digital format. This is why a computer user needs to be able to manage the data that has been stored on the disk.

Gemini for MAC is a tool that allows users to manage their data and make sure that all duplicates of a file that are present in the memory are removed to ensure that the user has the maximum amount of free space. Here are some of the features of this tool listed out for you-

Free up Space

Gemini for MAC can free up gigabytes of space when used as itis capable of searching for duplicate files of every kind of data. Whether it is a photograph, a text file or media files, the tool is capable of finding duplicates of the file in question and then deleting them. It is also capable of deleting files that are present on an external disk or drive.

Pictures and Music

Gemini for MAC allows the users to go through the cloud storage as well, to make sure that the memory being used there is not a duplicate of files that are already present on the computer storage. If there are duplicate photos in your photo library it is capable of deleting those files. It is also capable of identifying similar photos, even though they might not be identical and deleting them.

Room for Error

If you have deleted an important file by mistake and you wish to restore the duplicate file of some document, it is easy to undo the deletion of files using this application. You can restore the deleted files with a few simple clicks of the mouse button. It is also capable of excluding certain types of files and folders from the scan to make sure it does not meddle with your important documents.

With these features, it is easy to see that this tool is a great way to ensure that your storage space on the disk is being put to good use. Go ahead and download it today!