FlyCut Clipboard Manager for Mac

The copy-paste functions are truly a boon when it comes to working with data and documents online. Due to this, the computer and the users itself are very dependent on the clipboard provided by all computer systems. This is where the data that is copied from one source is saved temporarily before it is replaced by other data or the computer is shut down.

Although the copy-paste options do provide the user with much freedom, it is still not possible for them to control or monitor the clipboard. FlyCut Clipboard Manager for Mac is a great way to solve this issue. Here are some of its key features-

Content Stores in History

Without FlyCut Clipboard Manager for MAC, the data that is stored in the clipboard is lost automatically when new data is copied. This is not the case for the systems which have this tool in it. The content gets stored in the history and can still be accessed after some other content supposedly takes its place.

Shortcut for Old Content

FlyCut Clipboard Manager for Mac allows user to access old copied content without having to go out of the way to look for it or search for it through some interface. It allows the user to access the content by using the hotkey shift-command-V. This is a shortcut that allows you to copy the old content without having to juggle between multiple windows.

Free and open Source

FlyCut Clipboard Manager for Mac is free software that is available to one and all. Not only it is free of cost for all people who want to use this functionality, it is also an open source for users who wish to see the code of the function and if they have prior knowledge of computer systems, they can tweak the code to suit their needs.

With these features, the tool is bound to stand out and can be used by any Mac user for different purposes. It is important to give this a go. Try it today!