FinderPop for Mac

FinderPop for Mac is a universal pane that enables you to extend the contextual menus of your Mac OS X with the help of FinderPop items folder. This Finder items folder is very similar to the App menu items folder, so if you have used this App folder before, you will not find difficulty in understanding and using FinderPop.

You can use the Help button of FinderPop in the preference pane so that you can use this pane in a much better way. Most of the UI elements in FinderPop have help tags, so simply take your mouse cursor over them if you are not sure what to do with something. You can also go through its manual which is available online.

What FinderPop does for you?

It helps you in creating a new item, in exhibiting all the contents of one or more folders, in handling processes effectively as well as in displaying all items of the desktop in just one click. You can easily adjust the FinderPop in your menu bar and if you want to remove the FinderPop menu, you can remove it anytime without disturbing the original menu bar.

Some features of FinderPop for Mac

  • It enables you to browse one or more folders through contextual menus. You just need to right-click on a particular folder or if there are more than one, select all and then make right-click, you will see a hierarchical list of all contents, simply choose your desired item to open it. Whether you want to have contents in a sub-menu or on the main menu, you can choose anything as per your choice.
  • It enables to create a menu that will contain your favorite files and folders, and can easily be displayed when you click on the empty space of the menu bar. Always remember that the contents you choose for the sub-menu reflects the contents of FinderPop folder, it means you can decide what you want to appear in this pane.
  • Whether you browse contextual or menu-bar, you can perform various actions on the items displayed in these menus. You will get detailed information about a particular item and can perform the actions you want.
  • It supports Quick Look feature, which enables you to have a quick preview of the item for which you have pressed Q key of that particular item.

So, now you can change the appearance of your menu bar with FinderPop.