ExifTool for Mac

Translated, metadata is data about data. Metadata in a computer refers to the digital information that describes the contents and the nature of the data stored in a file. This data acts as a log for the different types of files that you have stored on your system and a user needs to be able to control and manipulate data to suit their requirements.

ExifTool for MAC is a command-line tool that can be used to read, write and edit metadata information in photos, videos and audios. It can handle a wide variety of files and has several different features that make it stand out amongst its competitors.

Features of ExifTool for Mac

Files Supported

There are several different types of files, whose metadata can be edited or read using ExifTool for MAC. many file formats are supported by this tool such as EXIF, JFIF, GPS, XMP, ICC profile, FlashPix, ID3 and Photoshop IRB. this ensures that the users don’t have to scramble to find different tools that can process or edit the metadata of different kinds of files.

Recognises Digital Notes

There are several different types of notes left by the digital cameras that the photographs were clicked on a camera produced by Sony will be different from the ones clicked on Nikon. The tool, ExifTool for MAC is capable of recognising notes from Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Minolta, Motorola, Olympus and many more. 

Editing Tools

Not unlike social media sites and other tools, Exiftool for MAC is capable of geotagging a picture apart from being able to perform the other tasks it is meant to. It can generate tracklogs and rename files. It is also capable of deleting metadata information in groups and for individual files as well. It is also capable of backing up the original image to make sure you do not face any data loss. It recognises a thousand different tags and more. 

With these features, it is easier to trust this tool to manage your metadata and to make sure that you can keep a track of your files and their nature.