Evom for Mac

Evom is a user-friendly video converting app that ensures to help people looking for a solution to convert video files in any format they want on their Mac. You can convert your video files in the format so that you can access them on portable hardware, it can any hardware of your choice.

Evom for Mac is quite helpful and effective to be used by students or professionals who are looking for something with the help of which they can easily prepare video files that are compatible with other modules of their project or which they can collaborate with other people as well. Evom is used by people who are in need of converting video files in their desired format with any hassle.

What makes Evom for Mac stands out from others?

It is much easier to make the conversion, all you require is to perform just a few clicks or you can use drag and drop function to convert AVI or WMV files into a format you need. It enables you to create funny videos that can later be used offline or you can also create the collection of videos which you can view on your desired portable device.

The main interface of Evom for Mac is quite simple and easy to use, you just have to either drag the file you want to convert or enter the file’s location through the integrated file browser, and your file gets converted in your desired format. The converted video file can then delivered on various destinations, such as iTunes, iPod, Apple TV, and others.

Features in brief

  • It provides an easy way to convert video files by dragging the files into the app and can also be saved on your Mac.
  • You can also enjoy online content by downloading videos from the web.
  • The conversion of video files in other formats is done quickly, within just a few seconds.

It has fast speed and enables you to utilize your Mac system in the proper and smart way by simply getting your favorite video converting app. Get it for free and avail its benefits in your own way.