EagleFiler for Mac

With the increasing use of the internet and email systems, more information regarding research work, office meetings and the tasks assigned to staff in an organisation are all stored in the digital format. One may find themselves amid a hoard of files, each containing important information. It is hence necessary to manage the information correctly and to organise all the files and folders accordingly.

Eaglefiler for MAC is a great way to do this task. It allows the users to organise their files and to archive them according to their requirements. Many features make this tool stand out from the competitors. Here are some of those features-

Highly Compatible

Eaglefiler for MAC is a great way to manage all your files and resources since it allows the users to integrate with Dropbox, finder tags, hook, iPhones, iPads, Pop clip and Skim. this makes it easier for the user to integrate all their files and make sure that all their important data is stored correctly and is present in one place.

Quick Access

Several shortcuts have been allocated by EagleFIler for MAC to make the task of managing your data much simpler and quicker. All you need to do is use the F1 key or the capture key to copy the information onto another app such as Evernote. The shift-F1 command can be used to save the selected text in a third party software such as a quick note.

Import and View Different Files

It is possible to archive your files and to view any kind of file using this tool. Eaglefiler for MAC allows the users to process PDF files, Word files, pages, keynotes, apple mail and even Microsoft outlook. This makes the tool highly reliable as it is versatile and will not make the user switch between multiple tools to do their task.

With these features, it is easy to understand that Eaglefiler for MAC is a great tool to use to manage all your files and information that is stored on your computer. It allows the users to integrate files coming from different sources and helps catalogue them in one place. Try it today!