Dropshare for Mac

Data is an extremely important asset in today’s world. Computers contain important information and many different documents that help keep tabs on the work that you are carrying out or the correspondence with a client. This is why it is important to be able to manage files and upload them or take screenshots of your work as and when it is required. 

DropShare for Mac is a great way to manage your data without having to worry about using several different tools to perform all the tasks that this tool can perform. The tool can help you to upload files, create cloud storage, or upload directories to a server.

Features of Dropshare for Mac

Numerous Integrations

Several tools can be accessed through DropShare for Mac. It allows you to integrate and upload your work on Dropbox, OneDrive, box and Wetransfer. This makes it very easy to create backups and store your work in one place. It is a great tool to manage all your files and folders and make sure that you can segregate all your work accordingly. 

Screenshots and Annotation

DropShare allows users to perform a wide variety of functions and also allows them to take screenshots as well as screen recordings. Not only this, but the tool also enables them to select between full-screen recordings and selection based recordings are also available. These can then directly be uploaded to cloud-based storage. 

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

DropShare allows you to create a set of shortcuts to ensure that it is easier for you to upload your documents or sync them with a cloud storage system that makes it easier to access. This is what makes the tool a great way to save time and to make sure that the functions that you intend to perform are easily accessible. 

These features should convince you that DropShare for Mac is a great tool to have on your computer system. Download it today to enjoy all the features of the tool.