DotPass for Mac

DotPass is a password generating app that helps you to create powerful and complex passwords which are difficult to crack by others. With the help of this app, you can generate and retrieve passwords using patterns. It works by letting you enter a graphical pattern and a plain text, and with the combination, the app will generate a unique password.

Once your password is generated by the app, you just require tapping it to copy the password and simply paste it at your required place or login form.

Here, the app uses graphical pattern and plan seed words which are quite easier to remember instead of that strong password generated by the app. It means that you need to worry about remembering the unique password which is being helped by DotPass for Mac in generating.

If you make any change in either graphical pattern or plain seed word, it will result in a completely different password. Thus, makes it unable for any other person to login to your online account. Also, sometimes you may also forget the pattern, so the best way is to keep one pattern and use it with different plain seed words for different online accounts. This way you will get different passwords for all accounts and also will be easier for you to remember what you have used as a graphical pattern and seed.

How DotPass for Mac is different?

DotPass has a well-designed and intuitive interface, giving you the best password generator for everyday use. From its main window, you can easily enter the graphical pattern and plain seed word to get your strong password. One thing that attracts every user is the change in its color as the user draws the pattern.

You can easily retrieve your password by entering the same pattern and seed which you have used for generating the password, which is quite easier.

Also, the passwords are not stored on your Mac or in the cloud; it means you need not worry about stealing or losing your password in any way.

All you have to do is to keep your patterns and seeds secret from others in order to protect your password from prying eyes.