Disc Cover for Mac

Do you have so many DVDs, CDs or other media? Do you find it hard to find your desired DVD from the huge collection you have? Do you forget to label your DVDs and have to check them one by one to find the particular DVD? Here is the solution to your problem. Disc Cover is an app which helps you in designing and printing CD labels, DVD covers, spines, and others.

Disc Cover for Mac enables you to design graphics the way you want and create labels for your discs in a wonderful way. The app has more than 250 templates, over 1,000 clipart images, more than 120 backgrounds and many more to offer to help you in creating labels in a well-designed package. All this is available for free and if you want to enjoy more than 4,000 images and over 100 additional fonts, you need to purchase an extra pack.

Disc Cover is integrated with Apple apps and gives you the freedom to import tracks and lyrics from iTunes library, images from iPhoto, videos from iDVD and all. This amazing app also has a collection of CD templates; all of them are optimized for LightScribe drives.

No matter whether you are going to print CD labels or Disc covers from any printer, Discover is highly capable of giving impressive results.

Some key features of Disc Cover for Mac

  • It offers more than 250 customizable templates having already designed discs, covers, booklets, spines and many more.
  • The iTunes integration is something that allows you to import playlists, lyrics and track info from its library.
  • It also helps you in using your own photos from Aperture, Photos, and iPhoto.
  • You can also use photo collages and backgrounds as per your choice.
  • It also enables you to use video frames as static images.
  • It also supports multiple barcodes and serial numbers.
  • The app offers various flexible text and editing tools to ease your designing task.
  • You can create creative titles and textual art with the help of Art Text plugin.

If you need multiple labels or covers for your discs, Disc Cover for Mac is the best option for you.