CrossOver for Mac

CrossOver is an app that enables you to run thousands of Windows apps on your Mac. Whether they are productivity, utility, games, software or any other apps, it would really be great launching these apps on your Mac OS with CrossOver. Not only this, it makes switching between Mac or Windows programs easily without any need of rebooting, virtual machine and even without buying a Windows license.

CrossOver for Mac allows you to run Windows on Mac, where you can take benefits of various functionalities, such as copy & paste, keyboard shortcuts, and others.

This app is not only used to run Windows programs on Mac, but is highly useful in installing your Windows software with great ease, with just one click. You can play Windows games easily and speedily.

If you are familiar with Wine, you will enjoy using CrossOver, where CrossOver provides you a Wine software library containing Windows programs which can be run on Mac. It also includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Quick, Media Player and others. Also, you must know that to install any app, you need the program installer, which makes everything easier.

The app works by creating bottles, important Windows environments, and enables you to install an app on Mac. Moreover, they have their individual C drive, subdirectories, and registry.

When using CrossOver, it means you are launching apps much faster and also do not let you feel that you are using Windows. Also, it saves your money, as there is no need to purchase a license to install Windows apps or virtual machine.

Let’s Go Through These Key Features of CrossOver for Mac

  • The CrossTie technology of CrossOver allows you to install Windows apps titles with great ease. Once you install CrossOver on your Mac, you just need to tap the button in the compatibility database and your app will be installed automatically.
  • The database of CrossOver contains more than 11,000 apps that include more than 17,000 gold medal and over 1,200 one-click install apps through CrossTie technology.
  • How can we forget the portability feature? It enables you to get your desired Windows apps on the Android and Linux easily.