CotEditor for Mac

CotEditor is a lightweight and user-friendly text and code editor which is designed to ease the task of application developers, web designers as well as coders and programmers. It is considered as an effective and quite easy to use open-source plain text editor for Mac OS X, which allows its users to change line endings, syntax coloring and text encoding using just a few clicks.

It provides quick results and enables you to write the text quickly when you want to. This editor provides all people freedom to contribute to the project, all due to this open-source app. Moreover, it also supports a wide range of languages, so you need not worry about the programming language you are using for your project, this source code editor can be used without any hassle.

CotEditor for Mac comes with built-in Info slide panel which provides you a facility to view the detailed information of the file you have edited, these include date and time when it was created and edited, name of the creator and type, line endings, text encoding and many more. The syntax coloring is considered as one of the beneficial features of this app, all due to the availability of the syntax highlighter where you are allowed to perform coloring in more than 50 pre-installed languages, including PHP, JavaScript, C++, Python, HTML and many more.

Let’s have a look at CotEditor’s amazing features

  • One feature that fascinates all programmers and designers is the ability to colorize the language used in their projects, along with creating their own settings.
  • The split editor feature enables you to view different sections of your file simultaneously by splitting a window into various panels.
  • All settings can easily be accessed using the clicks and do not require any geek knowledge.
  • With CotEditor for Mac, you can create your own macro in your desired language.
  • No worries if you have not saved your data, this app automatically backups the data when you are editing them.
  • It allows you to check and list the characters which are not able to convert into the preferred encoding.

CotEditor for Mac has a simple and clean interface and looks like other Mac OS apps, you must give one try to it.